Ciena opportunities


Viiew provides tiered workplace-as-a-service solutions, delivering a broad range of capability and services in ICT. Viiew's tailored solutions enable organisations to achieve business outcomes, while managing their risk as they consume technology and ICT services.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Dimension Data, a global IT services and solutions provider, who are in turn owned by Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT) – the world’s largest ICT provider of telecoms and services - you are joining an organisation with unparalleled IT industry positioning allowing for exceptional growth opportunities.

About the Role

We are seeking Ciena specialised candidates to augment our Telecommunications project. Based on our client’s site in NSW. Here you’ll be required to work using Ciena as one of the below titles.

Long term assignments 

  1. Installer
  2. Lead Installer
  3. Greenfield Tester (Skill Level 1 – 3)
  4. Lead Tester (Skill Level 4 – 5)
  5. Site Survey Engineer
  6. Detail Engineer


Installer  - Moderate field experience in the telecommunications industry & knowledge of and experience with basic building, construction and installation of product hardware architecture at the customer site.

Lead Installer - Ability to lead, supervise and direct assignments to meet the delivery commitment to End User & Install Ciena hardware as required on End User sites and perform preliminary testing of associated hardware to support successful job completion with high Ciena product families.

Greenfield Tester - Ability to perform moderate hardware and functional testing of Ciena products on End User sites and support successful job completion with high quality while meeting or exceeding End User expectations. Responsibilities are common to all Ciena product families.

Lead Tester -  Advanced understanding of customer networks & Perform advanced hardware and functional testing on multiple product types. Ciena product Installation and installation turn up and test documentation.

Site Survey Engineer - Product site survey drawings, Complete the Ciena/End User site survey form (SSID), Complete the site survey issues report and/or letter & Supply digital photographs from the site survey

Detail Engineer -  In-depth equipment knowledge of multiple Ciena Products and associated OEM/IRM & Provide detailed Specifications for job orders in accordance with Ciena corporate standards and End User requirements, adhering to critical schedules as to avoid impacting other organizations’ ability to meet their objectives
Skills & Experience

To successfully deliver this project you will need:

•        Ciena experience

Company Culture

Viiew Consultants deliver with speed and agility, adapting to new projects and teams with ease. We meet deadlines, and we act with accountability. We are committed to the needs of our clients, and to professional excellence in all we do.

We reward our Consultants for their skills and alignment to our values with:

  • Exposure to industry leading technology, projects and expertise
  • Support of specialist colleagues across Australia and the globe as part of the Dimension Data group.
  • No payroll administration fees.
  • Entitlements to discounted training and certifications via Dimension Data Learning Solutions (DDLS).